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  • Sitting on the ground of the airport, I am starting this book.
I am excited to learn how to workout this grit muscle! 💪🏼
Thanks @jess.holdthespace for the recommendation and the inspiration to be as gritty (? 😂) as you! 😘
  • I recently listened in on @danikabrysha Light & Life Live on IG where @amyjomartin was the guest for the week. They talked about so many good things, but this quote stuck out.
I have recently started a journey to find me. Work on me. Learn more about me. Throughout my life, I’ve covered up a lot of pain. It’s easy for me to cover up emotions, maybe it’s a protective thing? I don’t know. That’s what I’m trying to work through.
So I’m literally going to be getting a sheet of paper, put down these three columns and start writing things under each. Where I start to find similarities or where they could coexist with each other, that’s what I’m going to focus on. That’s where the impact will be. ❤️
  • Started my journey to figure out some health things going on and had my first appointment at @foundationsmedical this morning. Long road of testing and food reintroduction, but I’m hopeful to see a full picture of what’s going on.
To hear more about what the process is and updates, check out todays stories or the Functional Med highlight on my profile!
  • I’ve recently started on a health journey behind the scenes.
There have been many symptoms going on for some time and I honestly just got fed up. I started with backing off coffee and replacing it with matcha and then took a deep dive this week. On Monday, I started Whole30 AIP.
I have tried Whole30 in the past and have always epically failed. Lasted maybe 2 days. Had a horrible attitude. Gave in way too easily to cravings or wants.
When I tried in the past, I did what a lot of people do. Post your plan online, rally up the troops, etc. But when I stared this even stricter round of Whole30, I didn’t do that. I felt like I had cried wolf too many times. Called on support just to fail.
Today I decided that’s BS. No one can do something difficult without support and a little pat on your back every now and then. So even if you have fell off the wagon, WHO CARES! Everybody deserves some accountability and cheers! 😘💪🏼
  • Over in the stories today to talk about my Top 3 products right now in my skincare routine! And talking about community over competition. 💪🏼
  • Sent this little girl off to Preschool today! She wasn’t quite sure what to think but I know she’s going to have SO much fun! Can’t wait to hear her tell me all about her day! 😊
  • Brought it back to the basics this morning for breakfast! Blueberry muffins! 😋
What’s your favorite breakfast go-to?
  • Perfect leftover using, quick weeknight dinner! Wednesday’s are super busy for us with Taekwondo, so cooking an elaborate meal is a no go!
For tonight’s bowl, I used:
- White rice for base
- Organic Girl Power Greens
- Sliced red cabbage
- Leftover grilled marinated chicken thigh
- Bubbie’s Sauerkraut
- 1/2 avocado
- Primal Kitchen Ranch dressing
Easy and so tasty! What is your go to meal when you need to use leftovers?
  • I can say with certain that I’ve never been this done up in car line. 😂
But when you have a Beautycounter event right after pickup, you take the opportunities of that 45 minute wait to play around with your makeup!
What I used:
- Tint Skin in Linen
- Concealer Pen in Fair
- Brow pencil in Medium
- Blush in Nectar
- Highlighter in Halo
- Bronzer in Dune
- Eyes are Romantic palette
- Mascara is both Lengthening and Volumizing
- Lip Sheer in Terra
  • 31 trips around the sun! 🎉
I stand today smarter, stronger and a person that is unapologetically me. Some days are better than others, but as I grow older, I become more and more comfortable with that, and I love it.
Thank you for being here with me day in and day out and I couldn’t be more grateful to be able to connect with you all on the daily! 😘
Also, go shout a happy birthday to my identical twin @lei_m_c! Happy birthday twin! 😉
  • This girl has been a trooper through every 45 minute car line the past two weeks. Today we decided to come up to the front seat to hang with mommy for 30 minutes before we have to get buckled back up. And her smile says it all. 😍
  • First birthday celebration today (bday is Saturday!) eating my favorite food: sushi!
I could seriously eat it YUM!

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