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  • The destruction that is in Panama City, Apalachicola, Port St. Joe, Mexico Beach, etc is like I’ve never seen.
Completely wiped. Uninhabitable for MONTHS. No water. No sewer. No power. No medical care. Nothing.
Our community has completely come together and are bringing loads all day, everyday to help. But it’s just the beginning.
People are stuck and need help. And will need helps for weeks to come.
I’ve created an Amazon wish list of items that are most needed right now. (In profile)
So if you’ve felt like you’ve wanted to help and you weren’t sure how, here’s how!
I have several friends that take trips everyday and as soon as items come in, I will get them into the right hands.
Let’s all come together and show everybody how even though bad things happen, they can always look for the helpers.
  • Feeling all the feelings over the last 24 hours.
Anxiety, scared, nervous, relief, sadness, etc.
It was one of the most nerve wracking days not knowing what was going to happen. And then at the last minute, the hurricane taking a turn and breathing a sigh of relief. Grateful is an understated emotion for what we felt. Lucky. We felt incredibly lucky.
But then the photos and videos starting rolling in.
Power lines down. Trees snapped like twigs. Then roofs being torn like paper. Water flowing into homes and tearing everything out with it. Livelihoods being broken with the destruction of businesses that have taken years to build.
Sadness and helplessness feelings started.
I’m a feeler. I feel not only my emotions but I take on everybody else’s emotions too. I could feel the devastation and still do today. It’s heavy. Where do they go from here? It is going to be such a long road.
First comes the shock, then the realization that it’s real and then it’s time to get real. Get to work. Start pieces back their lives, little by little. And this isn’t like a 30 piece puzzles that takes 5 minutes to put together. This is like a puzzle that stays spread out on your dining table for weeks to finish.
This is where we come in. The community. And you guys, there’s nothing like it after disasters. No amount of disagreement on politics, religion, or anything matters. We band together and start helping.
Businesses, fishing charters, individuals, churches, everybody ready to help, right now.
It is going to take an incredibly long time to rebuild Panama City and the surrounding areas, but it will be done. #panamacity #panamacitybeach #hurricanemichael #floridastrong #mexicobeach
  • Please say a prayer for this little slice of heaven we call “home”.
We are hunkered down and prepared for Hurricane Michael.
We have more than enough water, snacks and batteries and are praying for the best.
We are on the “better” side of the storm but this will most definitely be devastating for some areas.
Thank you to everyone who has reached out. ❤️
  • This weekend was good. So good. And so needed.
It was a weekend of rest, fun, too many Oreos for the kids, laughter, sun, relaxing and more.
These are the kinds of weekends you look back on and are thankful that you got to experience them. Like actually experience. No phone calls, texts or scrolling necessary.
We did normal activities but it just felt so good to actually take the time to decompress, take in as much Vitamin D as we could and just be.
I hope you have those weekends, because they are so good. ❤️
  • Officially the last day of #septemberwhole30 AIP style!
There were so many times that I almost talked myself out of sticking to it.
“Just one glass of wine with friends I don’t get to see often.”
“I’m almost done, maybe just go ahead and end it”
“I don’t have anything to fix and I’m over not eating out it!!”
So many times I could’ve easily given in. But I had people that backed me up no matter what. My hubby that stuck with me and supported me because he knew I wanted to finish. @jess.holdthespace that held me accountable when I wanted to quit and gave me the tough love I needed. @grazedandenthused that helped me come up with yummy recipes and even looked at a menu for me to help choose what I could eat on my trip to ATL! And so many others that listened when I was struggling and cheered me on.
Whole30 isn’t just what you’re eating. It’s a huge mental game. You’re literally changing your entire lifestyle because food has everything to do with that.
One major thing I’ve wanted to work on is grit. And I knew that if I could stick through this, that’s exactly what I’d be doing. I’m so dang proud of myself for sticking to my guns and showing myself that I can do hard things. And I think that’s one of the biggest lessons I learned during this whole experience. I can do hard things even when I’m tired, hungry or just plain don’t want to! And guess what friend, YOU CAN TOO! 😘👏🏼🎉
  • Simple swaps.
Today I was at @target and decided to pick this little guy up based on an IG story I saw the other day! The story talked about how public restroom soap contains yucky ingredients like fragrance, phthalates, parabens and most of the time it’s antibacterial on top of that! These ingredients can cause anything from endocrine disruption to cancer with prolonged use!
Every time I wash my hands (and kids) in a public space, it always crosses my mind that the soap probably isn’t the best, but I really hadn’t made the switch a priority.
Well, today we had to go pick up a few things, and I saw this @drbronner soap in the travel size section and picked up it! It’s an easy way to make a great switch and it’s small enough to carry around in your purse! A simple, inexpensive switch that will help with swapping everything to safer! 👏🏼
  • Sitting on the ground of the airport, I am starting this book.
I am excited to learn how to workout this grit muscle! 💪🏼
Thanks @jess.holdthespace for the recommendation and the inspiration to be as gritty (? 😂) as you! 😘
  • I recently listened in on @danikabrysha Light & Life Live on IG where @amyjomartin was the guest for the week. They talked about so many good things, but this quote stuck out.
I have recently started a journey to find me. Work on me. Learn more about me. Throughout my life, I’ve covered up a lot of pain. It’s easy for me to cover up emotions, maybe it’s a protective thing? I don’t know. That’s what I’m trying to work through.
So I’m literally going to be getting a sheet of paper, put down these three columns and start writing things under each. Where I start to find similarities or where they could coexist with each other, that’s what I’m going to focus on. That’s where the impact will be. ❤️
  • Started my journey to figure out some health things going on and had my first appointment at @foundationsmedical this morning. Long road of testing and food reintroduction, but I’m hopeful to see a full picture of what’s going on.
To hear more about what the process is and updates, check out todays stories or the Functional Med highlight on my profile!
  • I’ve recently started on a health journey behind the scenes.
There have been many symptoms going on for some time and I honestly just got fed up. I started with backing off coffee and replacing it with matcha and then took a deep dive this week. On Monday, I started Whole30 AIP.
I have tried Whole30 in the past and have always epically failed. Lasted maybe 2 days. Had a horrible attitude. Gave in way too easily to cravings or wants.
When I tried in the past, I did what a lot of people do. Post your plan online, rally up the troops, etc. But when I stared this even stricter round of Whole30, I didn’t do that. I felt like I had cried wolf too many times. Called on support just to fail.
Today I decided that’s BS. No one can do something difficult without support and a little pat on your back every now and then. So even if you have fell off the wagon, WHO CARES! Everybody deserves some accountability and cheers! 😘💪🏼
  • Over in the stories today to talk about my Top 3 products right now in my skincare routine! And talking about community over competition. 💪🏼
  • Sent this little girl off to Preschool today! She wasn’t quite sure what to think but I know she’s going to have SO much fun! Can’t wait to hear her tell me all about her day! 😊

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