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  • Target trips always make things better. And a cake pop doesn’t hurt either! ❤️
  • That yearly check time!! FOR YOUR SKIN!
It’s an easy one to dismiss but it is so important to go get your skin checked at least once a year for skin cancer. Take the time! It’s worth it!
  • Happy Valentines Day!!
Had to use a pink lip today because why not, right!? 👄❤️
  • We tried out the newest restaurant in FWB today Think Poké! 
It was outrageously good!!
We tried the Bibimbop Signature Bowl with chicken!
We also got the Hawaiian Poké bowl which was exactly what it is supposed to taste like! 🙌🏼
Last but certainty not least, we got the Dragonfruit Smoothie Bowl and OH MY GOSH! So good!!
This is definitely be a favorite spot of ours!!
  • I know how easy it is to feel like you have to constantly grind it out.
So much praise surrounds that term “hustle” but that also creates burnout.
I realized yesterday that I hadn’t posted anything here in month of February yet, and as much as you will hear from other places how big of a “no-no” that is when you’re trying to grow a business, it’s OKAY!
It’s what I needed to do.
I needed to take a step back. Focus on things going on in my life and sometimes that means that I just don’t have the energy to curate content.
Do what feels right TO YOU, not what everyone else tells you is right to do. ❤️
  • So stinking excited for this trip next month!! Our friend @travelmationlynnlee helped us SO much with every planning step and made it so easy!!
What are your Disney World favorites? We want to see it all! 😊
  • It’s BACK!! The Ultimates Nudes Palette is back! And for today and tomorrow, when you purchase the Flawless in Five Set, you’ll get it for only $58 ($88 normally)!!!!
Not sure on shades for Flawless in a Five? Email me!
  • Time to take off that filter on your life. It’s hard to take risks when others life look so perfect, especially on the highlight reel of social media.
Do scary things. Do things that mean something. Do things you are passionate about, even if it means you’re not using that 4 year degree you paid thousands to get.
Life is short. It can end at any moment. Do something you love and love on others. ❤️
  • Added this guy to my “please prevent my family from getting the flu” arsenal, last week. Please work! 🙏🏻
#destin30amoms #youcansitwithus #caffieneandkindness #nogermsallowed #stayawayflu
  • You know what I thought about before posting this?
That it may not be aesthetically pleasing on my feed. That I need to make sure that I spaced out my beauty posts.
But you know what? I’m posting it ANYWAY! Because it’s what I’m feeling. Because it’s what I feels need to be heard, even if it’s not going to look perfect on my IG feed.
Some of you know and use (and love) Beautycounter, but I know some of you have not a clue what it is!
Beautycounter is a personal care product company based out of Santa Monica, California and that is focused on getting safer products into the hands of everyone.
The company started by Gregg Renfrew wasn’t started to sell lipgloss and shampoo. She started the company to truly revolutionize the personal care product industry.
The amount of toxins we come into contact with each day is astounding. These toxins come from things we can’t control (or only to extent) like our water we drink, the air we breathe and the environment we are surrounded by. But those toxins also come from things we do have a choice in. Choices like the food we buy, the activity we do for our bodies and also the products we put on our skin.
What people tend to forget about is the largest organ in the body. Their skin. Your skin absorbs everything you put on it, whether it’s good or bad. And we typically put between 6-17 (depending on gender and stage of life) products on it morning and night. Everyday. That’s a LOT of opportunity to either hurt or help your body over just ONE YEAR. That’s an average of anywhere between 2,190 - 6,205 applications on either soap, face cleanser or mascara that we put on in just ONE YEAR of your life. Potentially things like hormone disrupters, carcinogens and irritating ingredients and multiply that over a lifetime and think about what that could eventually cause.
Now of course, safer, non-toxic products alone won’t and can’t fix every health problem, but why add to problems that we are already not in control of?
This is one area of your life you CAN do something about. So especially if your health conscious and make sure you eat organic or you work out. (Continued in comments)
  • I’m giving away ALL of these full-size Beautycounter products, some travel size sets and Rejuvenating skincare sample sets to my Beautycounter newsletter subscribers through the end of the month!
To get all the details for how you can get these, click the link on my profile  to get on my Safer Beauty newsletter list! All the details will go out starting tomorrow AM! All of these are first come, first serve, so be sure to check your email! I’m so excited to send these out to you guys!
#beautycounter #brushesandbrunchbeauty #switchtosafer
  • Last minute lunch but YUMMY!
Put together two corn tortilla tacos with some leftover chorizo and chicken thighs. Topped it off with carmelized onions and red bell pepper. Sprinkled a little raw mild cheddar and loaded it up with fire roasted salsa (from @wholefoodsdestin), baby arugula & half an avocado! 😍

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