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  • The little boy who made me a mommy first stepped into a new adventure today! Kindergarten! He was so excited and got right in to his desk and started playing! I kept it together long enough to say bye and then I bawled. 😭 I can’t wait to hear all about his first day!! All you mommas sending your babies off, I’m in it with you! ❤️
  • Today’s the last day of the Beautycounter 20% off sale and all these new powders are included!! Need help color matching? Dm me and I’d love to help! Plus, know that there is a 60 day money back guarantee!
  • Meet the Teacher day. Yesterday was one in the books for me. Watching your son walk into a classroom for the first time (outside of preschool) and seeing their name and 20 other classmates. It was overwhelming. And to be honest, I almost had a panic attack as we were leaving. But as the day went on and I received so many encouraging messages, I remembered, he’s going to be okay. I am not in control (thank goodness) and whether I’m there or not, he has something guiding him and looking after him constantly. Times like now when I’m feeling anxious, I have to remember the times that God pulled me out of things that I wasn’t in control of and kept me safe. Even with so much uncertainty, I know He is watching after him and that is so comforting. 
For all you mommas sending your babies to school, I’m with you friend. ❤️
  • Decided to play with the new Velvet Eyeshadow Palette in Romantic this afternoon! Such a great choice to make both a bold and neutral eyeshadow look!
What I have on:
- Dew skin tinted moisturizer no. 2
- Concealer pen in fair
- Brow pencil in medium
- Satin blush in nectar
- Bronzer in dune
- Highlighter in halo
- Eye colors: smolder as liner, brûlée all over, truffle in crease and cameo on top
- Color intense lip in brunch
  • Woke up to the best sale ever and something I’ve never seen Beautycounter do!
Starting today, using the code LOVE you will receive 20% off your entire order! There is a clickable link in my profile!
  • I’ve jumped on the matcha train and it’s going so smooth! Even though I do LOVE the taste of coffee, it wasn’t serving me very well. I’m excited to try different brands of matcha and see what I like the most but for now, I’m liking @jadeleafmatcha!
  • Ready to watch @msrachelhollis Made For More! Her book is a MUST read and I can’t wait to see what this movie is all about. I can guarantee I’ll be chatting about it tomorrow on stories!
  • Yaaassss. Happy National Avocado Day! 🥑
  • Love this booch as much as I do?!
RUN, don’t walk, to @publix! It’s $5.99 and it’s GIGANTIC!
You’re welcome.
  • Who knew National Lipstick Day was a thing? I didn’t! 💄 -
Before I joined @beautycounter, I admittedly knew very little about the makeup industry. I used whatever brands I could find at Sephora, Target, etc. But what I found out, specifically about the products we put on our lips, was eye opening! 😳
First, you’re eating your lipstick. There’s no way around it. If it’s on your lips, you’re investing it.
Second, statistics say that we eat an average of 4-7 lbs over your lifetime!! Now, that may be overstated depending on your usage, but still, what are you actually eating?
Third, did you know that most conventional lipsticks have LEAD in them? You know, the thing that is banned in paints because it’s poisonous? Yes, that lead. So we’ve already stated that we eat it, and now we are eating something that is poisonous!? What in the world!?!! This doesn’t even take into account the other possible heavy metals that can be found, too.
Like I said before, I had NO IDEA!!!!! The good thing is, there are much better alternatives!! And they are high-performing, like the one I’m wearing! (I’m wearing lip intense First Date by Beautycounter)
Want a chance to win some? Head over to @beautycounter to see how you could win a free set of the Color Intense Lipstick for National Lipstick Day!
#knowbetterdobetter #nationallipstickday #Beautycounter
  • May your coffee be strong.
And protected from dinos. 🦖
  • Don’t wait. You can go after whatever you want RIGHT NOW.
Want to build a business?
Find a mentor.
Want to stop feeling overwhelmed?
Purge. Things or commitments.
Want to have a better marriage?
Have a conversation with your spouse.
Want to be healthier?
Focus on one thing today you can do better.
No matter how big or small, you have the power to go after it. You got this. 👊🏼

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