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  • The perfect Sunday. ❤️
  • As if we needed another reason loving to come to @target. ❤️
  • Making a cognizant effort to S L O W down the rest of this Summer.
I, like many of you, have so many dreams and ideas that I can’t wait to get after. But I’ll be very honest, when I’m more focused on those, the balance is thrown off in my overall life.
So today, we started “Tour de Parks” in our little town and each week we will try to find a new one to explore. 🏃
  • Ever wonder how you can make fun enough that kids will *actually* eat their food?
Today’s blog post is all about the simple things you can do to make food fun for kids!
Link in profile 😊
  • I was going to post this tomorrow, but I feel the need to post it now.
If you ever follow someone and you don’t feel good after seeing their content, stop following them!
This is totally something I’m guilty of and I’ve been working HARD to get rid of this feeling that I’m not doing it “right” or if someone’s feed or stories makes me discontent with my life.
❤️ If you ever feel like this, unfollow that person. I’ve had to do it. A lot lately, in fact. And it wasn’t easy at first. I had to recognize that even though these people are AMAZING, it doesn’t make me feel amazing watching.
This is a ME thing. It says nothing about them. And most of these people, I still ADORE! That hasn’t changed. It’s MY heart that I have to work on. And nothing says that I won’t go follow them again two weeks from now.
And full disclosure. If I MAKE YOU FEEL LIKE THIS, PLEASE unfollow me. You need to feel happy when you’re scrolling through. Don’t make this an area of your life that makes you depressed, inadequate or behind. It’s not worth it, friends. 😘
  • No filter. 😍
Yoga on the beach event this morning with @kaitlin_fair and it was so nice I went straight home, picked up the fam and headed straight back for a couple of hours.
So peaceful and so thankful for where we live. 🐬
  • Easy peasy, and an Independence Day themed appetizer? Yes, please!
The kiddos loved it and couldn’t get their hands on them fast enough!
The best part about it though was that I already had all the ingredients needed! 💥 
What is your favorite 4th of July food to make for this fun holiday?
  • Today I’m so incredibly grateful for a company that has brought me so many dear friends.
On this last day of the month, I get to cheer on these women for totally CRUSHING it and for building a movement that is actually making positive change.
No matter what you do, find work that creates a better tomorrow and that you find true happiness doing. It’s the BEST!!
Happy end of June, friends! ☀️
  • Whipped up this on the go breakfast before heading to the gym to work on some mobility stuff! (Neck is still hurting!)
What’s in it?
- Unsweetened vanilla almond milk
- Vanilla coconut collagen peptides
- 1/4 cup almond milk vanilla yogurt
- Handful of spinach
- 1 cup frozen strawberries - 1/2 cup frozen blueberries
- 1 banana
- Topped with granola!
This was enough for all four of us to have a smoothie!
What’s your favorite smoothie recipe?
  • I think we can attest to that fact that we’ve all thought “there’s absolutely no way I can do that”.
And then we change our mind and decide to say, “you know what, yes I can!”.
This applies to everything in our lives. Hard workouts, parenting in a more gentle way, creating successful business systems, meal planning, etc.
No matter whether you think you can or can’t, that’s exactly what will happen.
You can absolutely do anything, you just have to decide it!
#mondaymotivation #mindsetiseverything #mindovermatter
  • Happy Father’s Day to the most dedicated Daddy and Husband there is. We are so lucky to have you and we are happy to celebrate you today with allllll the lemon bars. We love you! 😘
  • Fresh hair cuts for the crew. 💃🏼

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